SA3920 Nemean IIIA

Nemean – From Greek Mythology – It is said that the “Nemean” Lion had a golden fur which made him impervious to attack with mortal weapons!

The Nemean Series Level IIIA is our answer to making you impervious to attack in an extremely lightweight and thin ballistic package. Made from advanced PEUD Dyneema® and a patented woven aramid, these ballistics are NIJ compliant “Certified” and special threat tested to rounds others can only dream about. If you are looking for ultra light weight, flexibility and uncompromising bullet stopping power, look no further!

NIJ Threat LevelIIIA
BALLISTIC MATERIALPEUD Dyneema® and Woven Aramid
WEIGHT0.87 psf
THINNESS.19 in (4.83 mm)
V50 – .357 SIG 125gr FMJ (new)1848fps (563 m/s)
V50 – .357 SIG 125gr FMJ (conditioned)1733 fps (493 m/s)
P-BFS Avg. – .357 SIG 125gr FMJ27.9 mm / 1.09”
V50 – 44mag 240gr SJHP (new)1695 fps (517 m/s)
V50 – 44mag 240gr SJHP (conditioned)1670 fps (534 m/s)
P-BFS Avg. – 44mag 240gr SJHP34.9 mm / 1.38”
.357 SIG (NIJ06) 125gr. FMJ1470 fps
44 Magnum 240gr. SJHP (NIJ06)1430 fps
9 x 19mm Parabellum 124gr. FMJ RN1400 fps
40 S&W 180gr. FMJ1155 fps
9mm Ranger +P+ 127gr SXT1360 fps
.40 Cal. 165gr. S&W Speer GDHP1279 fps
FN 5.7 x 28mm 27gr. LFHP SS1952041 fps
FN 5.7 x 28mm 40gr. Hornady V-Max Blue Tip SS1971815 fps
DEA Compliance TestedFBI Compliance Tested
Fragmentation Testing 2gr., 4gr., 16gr., 64gr. RCC & .22 Cal. 17gr. FSP