• Fire and EMS Body Armor

    Developing the latest ballistic vest technology for Fire and EMS personnel specifically designed to blend into your world.

    Fire & EMS Armor
  • Tactical Armor

    COVERT ARMOR branded Tactical Products are designed to be completely scalable for the user to equip the “KIT” to the mission at hand. We have found that the training and needs of each agency while similar are still very unique therefore allowing us to build your “KIT” to your specifications not ours.

    Tactical Armor
  • Concealment Armor

    Covert Armor is constantly striving to develop the finest products for Public Safety professionals. If you do not see it on or website is has not been perfected yet.

    More Concealment Armor
  • Rifle Rated Hard Armor

    All Covert Hard Armor rifle plates are NIJ 0101.06 certified and will defeat threats as listed for the threat levels offered. We offer a large assortment of styles from ultra lightweight and positive buoyancy to steel and ceramics with a long proven history.

    More Hard Armor
  • Over 20 years of body armor experience

    The 20+ years in the Armor industry has provided us with the knowledge of what City, County, State and Federal agencies need to maximize their performance and survive any confrontation.

    More About Us
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